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Honey, take note. The day was a scorcher, so after a tour through the arena and a run through midtown to find a patch for our aging travel bag the 'Dad bag' as I like to call it when J keeps snacks in there. So prepared that one.

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Talk about exotic. There are dinosaur footprints scattered around the largest of the 14 isles.

A Week in Paradise – Tangaroa Blue

Guy liked animals. While entertaining visiting heads of state they'd often bring him a new little pet to add to his collection. Indian elephants, cougars, goats, pretty much anything. Place was: 1 - huge, 2 - brand new, 3 - air conditioned, 4 - close to our favorite beaches, and 5 - had the best hosts we could have hoped for. Ingrid and Franco made us feel so at home and we were so excited to have them accept our invitation for drinks on our their?

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They shared stories about growing up in the area, how they met Annie's standard question when meeting new couples , and brought us a giant platter of deserts from their bakery on the ground floor. Hearts, won. As beautiful as everything was during our visit, staying at their Villa YoYo was the best, and if you make your way down to Pula trust us, you should , a stay with Ingrid and Franco is recommended.

A week in Paradise…

This post is part of a two week long road trip around central Europe. Cart 0. Pula: A Week in Paradise. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 0 Likes.

Most of the arcades are now playable as mini-games. Naturally you need tokens a new item exclusive to AWP to play. While it was called an expansion, many fans of the series and the AWP developers themselves stated that it was not, as it didn't add anything to the original game and was rather a "sub-sequel" in the series.

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The new weapons and extra gore featured in the expansion were not available to use and implement in the base game without extensive modding and file swapping. Originally developed under the name AW7 Apocalypse Weekend 7 , it imported the Apocalypse Weekend features such as the extra gore and weapons over to the original, as well as the two extra days; making the two games a seamless, single experience.

AWP (A Week in Paradise) mod for Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend

This restores the missing content with additional bug fixes and improvements to the original mod i. A Week In Paradise Forever was last updated on September 19th see the pinned discussion in the discussions section of the Workshop page for more details about the latest update.

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