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Nymphomaniac Vol. Nymphomaniac: Volume 2. Select category Add custom category.

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Large: Front Back. Erotic Romance Thriller Dark humor Drama. Blu-ray review. Roman Polanski Roman Polanski. Similar titles you might also like What is this? Nymphomaniac: Volume 2 Nymphomaniac: Volume 2. Select category Add custom category Go. Don't miss out on these great deals. Movie finder.

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Please, show everyone your screenshot and my shameless face. And you believe you could judge me, are because of, 1 You were kicked out of your own alliance 2 You are a former PIBC's friend who got kicked due to shit talk? Yeah, you are indeed pathetic. Sure, since you are incompetent in English, let's jump back to Chinese. You asked me that you want to know that who is the one I am so pleasured to see when he get kicked out? Well, the one who shit talked me and you were so happy to post his post to me after don't really dare to reply me in a month.

After he was forced into retirement, you don't dare to reply to me again for a very long time. Also, the one you are keeping saying his name, and playing amnesia now. I do believe Eve has political career in it, such as CSM or leading an alliance. No wonder you lost your own alliance.

What Galileo Saw | The New Yorker

Yes, someone shit talked me, and my reaction was "should I bite back when a dog is biting me? In the end, I don't respond to this kind of child play by mouth like you do, I responded by action which is forced him into a good retirement. You said many foreigners admit your skills in eve, that I agree.

Mark King - Bitter Moon (Promo)

I believe you are good at fighting part, not playing part since you don't think there is politics in EVE. Also, it is not called "kind" when you lost your alliance, it is called "stupid". Yes, two or three years ago, Crimson is the best FC and I admit it in many places. I have never said in any place that I lost that fight because of connection lost.

We could take a bet on it. And you are making up this "connection lost" story to make yourself right as always. But are there anything to do with you? You were just driving one ship, not even FCing. You are now proud that you beat me once? So in your logic, everyone in your fleet could say they are better than me, right?

Even so, please do remember that it was years ago, eve changed and I improved myself, it seems that you are still enjoying the old days which you think is leading to death. In TQ, I just need to make a good story, and I did. I believe that the retarded level of a claw fleet gets smartbombed is neglect when comparing to be kicked out of their own Alliance.

Silvitni is still inviting me to go back and lead PLA even today. So Silvitni force me to step down is just another story you made up to make yourself right. We could take a bet on that too if you like. In the end, Northern PIBC has no one who dares to shit talk me anymore, if you believe there still are, prove it please.

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Avenger Alliance is totally dead, all you've got nowadays is your salt. And you could keep going to have your hallucination to make yourself comfortable. Overall, there is no screenshot, there is no prove for any of mine shameless face. The only thing you have is standing behind a great FC and make up a story to make yourself comfortable whenever is convenient for you. I establish a good alliance. Everyone knows you are the "barking dog" in severity.

You have bad fame there, you are just a dude sheltered by the empire PIBC. Leave it, you are nothing but a normal FC.

ISBN 13: 9783746619354

Also, talk about CSM as a reference in the debate is extremely ridiculous. Like you claim you are in the management layer of PIBC?! I guess your politics is making ISK for your leader and pleasing him as the chairman. Serenity is ruined by your kind of conniving bot abuse, so shameless and make me disgusting. You like to live in your world and make daydream, go ahead. Don't wake. Again, by saying everyone, you mean 1 those who got kicked by their own alliance 2 those who got kicked due to shit talk?

Btw, our server is called "Serenity", please don't be too angry, it makes you just as stupid as the time you lost your alliance.