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Novelists — the lucky ones — have the time and are, or should be, unaligned.

You write in Born Yesterday about being attracted to writers, like Naipaul, who have written on the road, and who have written about rootlessness. The erasure of community is a recurring theme in your work. Do you feel homeless, nostalgic?

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Dislocated, perhaps, in the same way that I describe Gerry and Kate McCann as being between classes — born working-class, both now doctors — but really having roots nowhere. I feel it was another element in the widespread public antipathy towards them. Bye bye.

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Maybe an unmediated reality. Maybe a world where not everybody has an opinion and not everybody wants that opinion to be heard. Maybe a goodbye to the kind of innocence that a s tea-time TV show in grainy black and white represents.

  1. Born Yesterday: The News as a Novel by Gordon Burn | The Sunday Times;
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The late Binyavanga Wainaina's iconic satire is one of Granta's best-loved essays. Nobel Prize-winning Doris Lessing on her life, lovers and landlords in s London.

Born Yesterday eBook by Gordon Burn - | Rakuten Kobo

And then there is the kind of story that is rooted in an idea. The copyright to all contents of this site is held either by Granta or by the individual authors, and none of the material may be used elsewhere without written permission. For reprint enquiries, contact us. Terms Privacy Statement Cookie Policy. Gordon Burn is the author of acclaimed works of both fiction and non-fiction, including the novels Alma Cogan and Fullalove , and a study of Fred and Rosemary West, Happy Like Murderers.

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Mallamo Interview. Terror attacks in Glasgow. And Gordon Burn, artist, journalist and true-crime author, has taken the events from this bleak summer and turned them into a novel about the way news is made, and the way the media creates and manipulates the stories we see before us. This is a daring and thrilling novel from one of the most astute observers of celebrity and tragedy. It is sure to make the headlines itself for the way it is written and for the controversial subjects he tackles. In Born Yesterday Gordon Burn creates a whole new way of writing a novel, and makes us think again about the stories we are fed by the media around us.

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Free to join. The perks. Sign up. Already a Member? Born Yesterday does what the media do every day: blurring the boundaries between what is real and what has been invented. In , Gordon Burn took the extraordinary news headlines from that year, and wove the strands together into an essential story for our time.

The characters of these long-running reality soaps - the McCanns, Blair, Brown, Kate Middleton - are presented here in three dimensions, their stories told through revealing glimpses and startling insights. Faber and Faber is one of the last of the great independent publishing houses in London.