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  1. Direct Descent by Frank Herbert
  2. 7.351 direct descent stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.
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I know what a descendant is. But what does direct descendant mean? Is direct redundant and only used as a rhetorical device? A direct descendent is someone who can trace their lineage by "child" relationships all the way back to the desired ancestor. A non-direct descendent has to go through a "cousin" or a "by marriage" or some other non-child relationship in order to find the desired ancestor. The phrase direct descendant is usually used in contrast to nearest descendant , particularly with regards to inheritance.

The nearest descendant may be a descendant of a subject's relative such as his brother, sister, uncle, etc.

Direct Descent by Frank Herbert

See also lineal descendant and collateral descendant. As OP recognises, "indirect descendant" is meaningless in the biological genealogy context. But in historical genealogy, it can be used to mean descendants whose hereditary lineage back to A includes children born out of wedlock, or "unacknowledged" by the father. There are also cases of people claiming "indirect descent" where the lineage passes across siblings, cousins, etc.

7.351 direct descent stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Also, in more "metaphorical" contexts including "inheritance" as it relates to computer programming , there's the possibility that Class X is primarily derived from Class B , but through multiple inheritance also happens to include Class C which is directly derived from A. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Margaret Nuttle started having a two day Patrick Henry Family Reunion, meeting in a different location each year, with each location being connected with some phase of Patrick Henry's life. Part of the expenses of the first reunions were donated by a "secret donor.

Direct Descent by Frank Herbert - Baen Ebooks

All of these places have connections to Patrick Henry or his immediate family. Bus tours to places of interest were usually arranged for one day of the reunion each year, with business meetings and other activities on other days.

Five years ago, another day was added to give more time for Henry cousins to get to know one another and for genealogy research. Officers serve a two-year term. SCOPE The Descendants' Branch is composed of individuals from all walks of life and all areas of the country, including residents of thirty-two states from Massachusetts to Florida, to California.