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  1. From Picky Eater to Food Feaster: How I got my stubborn kid to love ALL FOODS.
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Writing can be a powerfully healing thing on so many levels. Now, you have two amazing men in your life. Did you want to tell us a bit about them? He wrote, directed and produced the documentary about our son. He has become a major advocate in the field of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder exposing the troubles in the system of diagnosis and treatment options for children who struggle with these special needs.

We both hope to inspire change in the system and a separate diagnosis for Sensory Processing Disorder. And of course, my son Graham is amazing too. He continues to be my best teacher in this world, as I watch him work so hard to overcome his struggles with his body and his attention. He has a heart of gold, and his loving of all things shines the brightest to everyone who knows him. And anyone who has the chance to see you and your little guy together—like in that gorgeous photograph on the cover of your book of poetry—can see the bond you share.

From Picky Eater to Food Feaster: How I got my stubborn kid to love ALL FOODS.

What signs did you see? He was also consumed with the spinning of wheels. He also was not gesturing or waving bye-bye which is a major developmental delay. He had low muscle tone and he had great trouble using his hands to play and manipulate his environment. We now can see after so much expert intervention that these were all signs of a sensory system that was out of whack, and a body that was unable to motor plan. The behavior was a way for him to comfort himself. You are both incredible parents. That must have been so hard on all of you.

How difficult was all of that for you? How did you cope with it all?

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Erik and I both have sought out self-growth workshops that have been helpful in working on our own inner pain and expectations and judgments of our child that get in the way of being present and moving forward. We continually work on ourselves, knowing that if we can maintain inner peace and love Graham wherever he is in his journey, the more Graham will grow and we will move together as a family. I have to work on it everyday, and especially when we are in a transition like to a new school.

The writing helps me be okay with being honest. It allows me to be compassionate to myself, and to know that I can share my writing with other moms who will feel less alone on their journey. I think what I am most impressed with is how you both work hard at being your individual selves so you can be an iron-strong couple and family—so, so important for families with special needs.

I love your book of poetry, Jennie. Your poetry absolutely touches a person to the core of the soul. You are very brave to tap into the raw emotions that create such gorgeous imagery. How important is that ability to writing poetry? How can other writers do that? We all have an inner voice, and if you inspire it, and create a safe place for it to express, you will be amazed at what it has to say.

I like to tell my clients that a poem is a snapshot of a moment in our lives. We have thousands of those moments inside of our life stories. It is simply about taking the time to capture that snapshot in words.

I guide my clients through discussion and inspirational poetry to bring out those moments, and to tap into the whole experience of where you were, what were you wearing, feeling, what was said inside and out- to recreate it through words. That is what I do in my poetry. I take a moment, and work it out on the page. Whether an experience was good or bad, stressful or calm, a poem is a fantastic way to get it all out.

Can you tell us about that? All of the workshops are available privately, and many of my clients are from around the world. The five week workshop for mothers of children with special needs takes the client through the whole story beginning with the birth, the original dream, and then moves to when you know that something may be different, the diagnosis, the inner strength we call upon, how we meet the challenge, how we look for answers and help, how the experience redefines the family, marriage, and lastly the rebirth we experience of acceptance, blessings, our inner healing and our new dream for our children.

The results are truly life changing. I was tearing up just with the description of your class for moms with special needs children.

I encourage all of our readers to check out your site. Jennie, you also seem very spiritual—I really felt that in several of your poems. Do you find that writing poetry, or writing in general, is a way to connect with that side of ourselves? How important is that for Moms, especially those of us raising special needs children? JENNIE: Having a child is in itself a spiritual experience—the miracle of it, and the sense that these children come from something greater than ourselves. It was important for me in my own inner healing to find a way to surrender the sense of myself that felt it was somehow my fault, or that it was my responsibility to fix it and control every step of the journey.

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This experience was given to all of us as an opportunity to grow and give back. In my writing, my inner voice is more connected to that place of inner peace, and I find that it will remind me in my poems what I most need to hear, to get back to that place of love and peace in any situation.

We all have that ability to find inner peace however you want to define it spiritually or not. My hope is that I can help other moms find that voice of peace. Thank you for reminding us of how important that is, especially for us Moms. How can we find out more about your work and your classes?

I'm Not Weird, I Have Sensory Processing Disorder SPD Alexandra's Journey 2nd Edition Growing with L

You can contact me through the site or through my email to talk more and set up workshop sessions. What inspires you in life and in your writing? In life, being with others and sharing life experiences honestly and authentically is most inspiring to me. I thrive on real relationships with family and friends. I love to cook warm meals and invite people into our home, to laugh, cry and feel safe together. In my writing, it is the little moments of the days we live that inspire me the most.

How is Graham doing today? He is in a regular classroom and is getting services with the school to help with attention, processing and handwriting. He mostly struggles with regulating his body to stay on task to finish center time activities. Fine motor skills are the hardest for him. We are working hard on handwriting, coloring, cutting and gluing. He seems to love school and his friends. We are still doing some therapies at home to help with homework and to get his body moving through swimming, my gym and one on one Neurofit exercise sessions that work the vestibular and visual processing systems through movement.

He is super social and loves to cook, sing songs, ride his bike and go to playdates. And lastly, I want them to know that they have all of the answers and all of the inner peace inside them. Just listen to that inner voice and be gentle with yourself. Wise, beautiful words from a wise, beautiful woman, mom and friend. Read Online. Story Journey offers a series of biblical stories to be learned and explored in a variety of ways. Each story is printed in episodes to facilitate memorization.

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Thus students can understand the relationship between anatomy and Pages: Size: Kb. Despite his impressive academic record, Ward received a reply—in reality, a bribe—from one of the university's top Imagine, for a moment, that you are a parent of a child with no visible disability, but whose experiences of everyday life present constant challenges.

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