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  1. How to Make The Most of Line, Shape, and Form in Photography Composition
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There is a fine skill you must develop to determine what just the right amount of tension that creates balance and what is just too much. When you frame your image, pay close attention to the contrasts of various elements. Only after repeated trial and error will you get a better feel for how to combine different elements together in such a way that viewers are mesmerized.

How to Make The Most of Line, Shape, and Form in Photography Composition

This lesson on visual balance is a great starter guide for those looking to learn more about visual tension and balance. Read it here. Every great photograph has a tempo of its own. By composing a shot with objects similar in some sort of way, you allow the viewer to expect and predict what will come next. It is this pulse that allows you to get viewers to into the image. Gombrich , Art and Illusion. How many times have you composed an image according to what you see within your viewfinder? Most likely every time, right?

Decide exactly what you want to capture. How large of a frame you want.

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Whether you want it to be square, rectangular, or just a little different than the frame your camera gives you. By making this decision, you go from letting your camera dictate how the image form is to taking full control over this important creative decision. In the annals of innovation, new ideas are only part of the equation. When I first began learning composition, I struggled. Most of my shots did not satisfy my creative desires.

And it is for this reason that I improved. I set a total, unwavering commitment to taking remarkable compositions and vowed to not quit until I reached it. Only a strong desire for creative excellence will motivate you to focus on the details. Home Contact Us. What Is Picture Composition? Alphonso S. Nor do a lot of the rules and tips out there. So what is visual power? Visual Power is Focus Each time you step out your door you are bombarded with thousands of objects, multitudes of colors, and an endless amount of things.

Absolutely nothing. You must bring order out of chaos. Arrange complexity into elegance.

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  • For action shots, it is advisable to keep a space in front of the moving subject to give a sense of motion, and future position of the subject thus providing anticipation as well. Try different height, please. Do not shoot at your shoulder height. Try lying down, crouch, get a higher vantage point hill, table, 10th floor. Positioning the subject inside a imaginary frame serves to isolate your main subject and create an interesting composition. I have covered this part in Part 3 of this series.

    This specially looks good with nature and wildlife where we have little scope to be actually that close to the subject in our everyday life. And you must be totally familiar with the above rules in order to identify the opportunity where you can break them elegantly. No rules can guarantee a well-designed photograph.

    In case of reflections, do let the horizontal line divide the photo into equal halves to emphasize the quality of reflection by mirroring. About the Author Sudipta Shaw is a software professional and a self-made photographer.

    35 Photography Composition Rules and Tips | Compositional Basics, Examples

    He also likes to teach and mentor. Join over , photographers of all experience levels who receive our free photography tips and articles to stay current:. Articles on someones perception of composition are always interesting read. Doing so makes the reflection just a copy of the scene — something you may just as well do in Photoshop if you just want a documentation of a reflection.

    This would be adding the quality of a well thought out composition, an interesting photo as opposed to a photo of something interesting. I can see vertical elongated subjects at V2V2 which is a vertical line.

    But, horizontal elongated subjects also at V2V2? This article is so interesting and wonderful. I like these photos and other information.

    Tips & Tutorials

    Thanks send about these details to me. These are very useful to me. For someone just learning how to take photographs instead of just snapping pictures, I thought this was very informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The barn photo disturbs me because, the main thing I see is orange grass.

    Rule of Thirds

    The beautiful barn and sky seem lost to me. It almost seems as if the orange grass is the subject of the photo. A good article however. I appreciate the points made and the time you took in preparing the article. It is helpful to we amateur photographers. I enjoyed the different perspective and approach. The logic being: Symmetry does not normally occur in a landscape, so a composition of a natural landscape should not be symmetrical.

    The idea of choosing one particular subject as the focus for the shot is the take home tip for me here. Your email address will not be published. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. We would love to publish an article by you if you are interested in writing for us.

    9 Top Photography Composition Rules You Need To Know

    See what we are looking for and get in touch. Composition in Photography by Sudipta Shaw. Composition Diagram for Photography. Like This Article? Don't Miss The Next One! Related Articles. Eli R says:. Tuesday, October 8th, at pm. Cornell says:. Ruwanthi Kaushalya says:. Tom in Denver says:.

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