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This book provides a hands-on introduction to the construction and application of models to studies of vertebrate distribution, abundance, and habitat. The book is aimed at field biologists, conservation planners, and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students who are involved with planning and analyzing conservation studies, and applying the results to conservation decisions. The book also acts as a bridge to more advanced and mathematically challenging coverage in the wider literature. Part I provides a basic background in population and community modeling.

It introduces statistical models, and familiarizes the reader with important concepts in the design of monitoring and research programs. These programs provide the essential data that guide conservation decision making. Part II covers the principal methods used to estimate abundance, occupancy, demographic parameters, and community parameters, including occupancy sampling, sample counts, distance sampling, and capture-mark-recapture for both closed and open populations.

Emphasis is placed on practical aspects of designing and implementing field studies, and the proper analysis of data. Part III introduces structured decision making and adaptive management, in which predictive models are used to inform conservation decision makers on appropriate decisions in the face of uncertainty-with the goal of reducing uncertainty through monitoring and research. A detailed case study is used to illustrate each of these themes. Marine mammals: foraging behaviour, interactions, conservation, diving physiology. Jeremy Kiszka. Marine mammals, elasmobranchs, sea turtles, foraging ecology, behaviour, conservation, fisheries interactions, stable isotopes.

Uwe Krumme. Rebecca Lewison. Fisheries bycatch, marine mammals, turtles and seabirds, habitat utilization, population connectivity, trophic ecology, population dynamics.

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Michael Mahony. Helene Marsh. Eduardo Martins. Fish ecology and conservation; movement and migration ecology, causes and consequences of intrapopulation variation in behaviour and survival, population dynamics, thermal ecology, climate change effects. Clive R. Anna I. Mammals: conservation, population monitoring, reintroduction, pet trade. Michael Noad. Michael Reed.

David Richardson. Conservation genetics, behavioral ecology, host-pathogen interactions, translocations, birds.

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Kartik Shanker. Community ecology, biogeography, diversity and distributions, marine turtle biology and conservation. Les G. Abi Tamim Vanak.

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Spatial ecology and resource selection in animals; ecology and conservation of carnivores, especially in tropical ecosystems; structure and function of semi-arid savannas; predator-prey interactions and intraguild interactions between mammalian carnivores;. Bryan P.


Conservation Science Partners, Inc. Marine conservation, large marine vertebrates, physiological ecology, fisheries bycatch, behavior and movements, energetics, and life history ecology, with a special focus on marine turtles. Rory Wilson. Marine birds, especially diving species: swimming, feeding, telemetry. Robert T. Breeding and feeding ecology of seabirds; their responses to changes in prey fish stocks; spring migration phenology in North Norway.

Malcolm Bennett.

CARTA: Wysocka-Human Neural Crest; Varki-Sialic Acid Biology; Polleux-Cortical Connectivity

Infectious diseases and microbioloy, host-parasite interactions, emerging infections. Colin Clubbe. Joris P. Ungulate ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, savanna ecology, consumer-resource feedback systems. Rohan Currey. Conservation biology and ecology of cetaceans, quantitative assessments of human impact, threat status and population viability.

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Andy J. Marine fish ecology, marine conservation, life history theory, biotelemetry. Peter Daszak.

Conservation medicine, ecology of emerging diseases, diseases of endangered wildlife species. Claudio diBacco.

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Kirstin Dobbs. Marine turtle research and marine species conservation, management in multiple-use marine protected areas. David C. Research on perturbations to natural systems caused by oil spills, emerging diseases, overharvesting, and habitat destruction in Hawaii, Alaska, Peru, South Africa and Appalachi. Tomoharu Eguchi. Joaquim Garrabou. Andrew Gormley. Statistical ecology, mark-recapture, population viability analysis, Bayesian inference, population monitoring, decision analysis.

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