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LinkedIn widget embedded in an Outlook App Pane. UPS tracking — Max of 10 rules per manifest. Authorization Logical Model Apps have identity separate from Users e. Printing app is distinct from user using the Printing app. Pattern Examples 1. Language Assistance — Assist with use of languages during authoring or consumption experiences 3. Search analyze and import social data into Office. As the app developer, you have to know the architecture of your app.

After you determine how your app will be distributed in remote and SharePoint platforms, you can decide among the available alternatives for building your app UX. You might ask yourself the following questions:. What can I use if I am creating a cloud-hosted app? What can I use if I am creating a SharePoint-hosted app?

It enables two- way communication. When user sends a request form the browser and receives the output until then lots of steps occurs in IIS.

User sends a request over the internet 2. WAS requests configuration information from the configuration store, applicationHost. This maps virtual directories to physical directories. WWW Service receives configuration information, such as application pool and site configuration 6.

WAS starts a worker process for the application pool to which the request was made 8. Authentication is handled. Request comes in for an ASP. NET Page. The request is given to the SharePoint14Module.

Sams Teach Yourself SharePoint Development in 24 Hours | 1st edition | Pearson

The page handler is unable to find a precompiled version of the page class on disk, so it must grab the file and give it to the ASP. NET engine for parsing. The SharePoint14Module contacts either the file system or the content database for the appropriate page class information. The ASP. NET Page engine parses the file and generates a page class.

The page class is compiled into a. NET assembly and cached on the disk. The response is generated from the requested page class is sent back to the original caller. Net vs SharePoint The table below lists the steps, how user request from browser to webserver is processed in. SharePoint has a hive structure, which contains various files, and folders that make SharePoint interface.

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Some files contain default values, which will be copied to web site instances. Data This folder contains indexing services, where content will be indexed. HCCab This folder contains set of cab files containing manifest and content information used by SharePoint help system. Help This folder contains a compiled html help file. These files are used by web services.

This folder will be visited frequently while doing development and administration. Resources This folder contains the core. It is also used while localizing with different languages and cultures. The default resource file called core. There are plenty of other options to customize the UI. The core. In other words, the good practice is to create a copy of core.

It hides the Virtual Path Provider and masks this directory structure, thus it appears under each web site.

Envision IT Featured at Microsoft Office 2010 Launch

There are also templates for the different types of page that can be created in SharePoint. This directory contains several XML files. The Content Deployment directory contains the DeploymentUpload. These files should not be changed. Control templates are small re-usable files that contain components of a web page. An example is welcome. The welcome.


These pages are pulled into SharePoint aspx pages. We can create our own ascx pages. It is in this directory that user would create any new site templates. There is a sub-directory for each site definition. Each sub-directory will contain at least an XML directory and a default. XML file, which defines the setup of the site definition, such as which Features to load, where the web parts go and what they are, which document library templates to assign. There will be extra files in some of the directories, but they are used to providing the extra functionality that the site definitions require.

Some of these are used to define SharePoint configuration and content databases. You should not change these files.

Install SharePoint Patterns and Practices PowerShell for SharePoint Online

Each sub-directory contains all of the files required for the theme, including all the images and the cascading style sheets. You should not need to venture in this directory, but if you do, be aware that SharePoint Service Packs may overwrite any file you modify. If this directory is altered, remote site creation and other methods exposed in the service will not function correctly. If this directory or its contents are altered, web application provisioning will not function correctly.

From this screen user can change the IIS properties of the application pool or website. There are two types of databases one is the content database and the other is the configuration database.

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Content varies according to every site. Therefore, every site has its own content database.